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About Ingrid

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Ingrid's bio:
For the last 22 years, Ingrid has been involved in hands-on science teaching to students and families. She currently mostly develops and teaches hands-on science classes and teacher workshops in Vancouver, BC Elementary schools. She previously developed hands-on science activities for science centres, museums and botanical gardens in Vancouver and New York City. Ingrid was trained as a biologist, receiving her PhD from Berkeley in 1996, and lives in Vancouver, Canada with her husband and two children (grades 8 and 10). Resume.

Ingrid's philosophy of science teaching:

  • Science activities are hands-on whenever possible.
  • Science activities connect to familiar topics and objects, so extending and deepening students’ understanding of their own world and its underlying science.
  • Children are natural experimentalists. Include many activities that are rich enough to allow students to explore independently, and which encourage discussion between the students and collaborations for further experimentation.
  • Guide students in their explorations to encourage critical thinking skills and the processes of scientific discovery.
  • Use familiar, low-tech materials, so students can continue their explorations with items found at home, or easily obtained from the dollar store, supermarket or hardware store.
  • Messy is good - it means complexity, which leads to unexpected discoveries and creates interesting patterns that our brains seek.