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Lesson Plan

Chemistry activities selection

A diverse selection of appealing chemistry activities for discussion of molecules and chemical reactions.
Curriculum connection (2005 science topic): 
Physical Science: Chemistry (grade 7)

These fun activities are not particularly connected, except that they can all be discussed in terms of chemistry.
I used them in camp and workshop settings, but can be adapted for the classroom.

Optional: hand out name tags, that depict the molecules to be used in the workshop (see image for baking soda/soda drink/rocket/bubbles lesson).

Introduce the building blocks of chemistry through molecular models, and discuss what they represent.

Do a selection of the activities, focusing on the chemistry in each case.


CAGIS workshop covered baking soda/vinegar reaction, then soda drink, then rocket, then bubbles.
Eton Arrowsmith Camp played with molecule models, then did silly putty, soda drink, rocket.

Grades tested: 
Gr K
Gr 3
Gr 5
Gr 7
Site tested: 
CAGIS (Canadian Association for Girls in Science)
Eton Arrowsmith Camp