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Red wiggler worms for indoor compost bin

Red wiggler worms are robust and suitable for indoor compost bins. If you do not have the finances to purchase them, you can find worms in compost heaps/in garden soil.
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Life Science: Characteristics of Living Things (grade K)
Life Science: Needs of Living Things (grade 1)
Life Science: Animal Growth and Changes (grade 2)
Life Science: Habitats and Communities (grade 4)
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Some mail order websites for red wiggler worms, for compost bins (search "Red Wiggler" for others): (Burnaby, BC) (Mission, BC) (Chilliwack, BC) (Burnaby)

Apparently 500 worms in a pound.

The worms are not cheap: over $40 for half a pound, but red wigglers do well in indoor compost bins.
The alternative is to collect small garden worms, from a compost or garden soil. Avoid the large ones.