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Lesson Plan

Chemistry of Living Things

Understand flower colour, plants smells, bee pheromones in terms of molecules.
Science content (2016 curriculum): 
Biology: Features, Adaptations of Living Things (K, 1, 3, 7)
Biology: Sensing, Organ Systems (4, 5, 6)
Chemistry: Atoms, Molecules (3-7)

Do a selection of the activities to understand the molecules and chemical reactions underlying processes in living things.

For primary and lower intermediate classes I did flower colours, then posting game with plant molecule smells
For Ks I did flower colours, then smelled lilac, rosemary and lavender, discussing why they have these smells (to attract or repel insects).
For intermediates I did flower colour, then plant smell matches and molecules, then optional bee pheromone molecules.


Could also add tastes

Grades taught: 
Gr K
Gr 1
Gr 2
Gr 3
Gr 4
Gr 5
Gr 6
Gr 7
Teaching Site: 
Tyee Elementary